Group Benefit Plans

Retaining valuable employees is a priority for many employers. By offering a competitive compensation package in the form of life insurance and disability coverage as well as health and dental coverage you’re securing a hiring and retention tool.

The range of products offered by Edgewater Financial Products includes:

  • Traditional employee benefits plans
  • Retiree benefits
  • Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs)
  • Out of country emergency travel medical/hospital plans
  • Administrative Services Only (ASOs)
  • Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSAs)


To help you manage and control costs Edgewater Financial Products can:

  • Actively manage drug utilization
  • Offer managed health care plan designs
  • Suggest deductibles, co-insurance and limitations
  • Support prior authorization of prescribed drugs
  • Provide employee newsletters/communication


Edgewater Financial Products staff will coordinate the enrollment process for you, saving the benefits administrator time to focus on other work-related commitments. Transitioning to Edgewater Financial Products and the carrier of choice is seamless!

By looking after the details of your plan design and pricing, your quotes are analyzed to determine their immediate and on-going competitiveness.

Edgewater Financial Products is committed to educating your employees on the value of their new or enhanced benefits package.  This will increase their awareness and understanding of the program with the hopes your employees take better charge of their health, decreasing their absenteeism and increasing their loyalty to you.